New Possibilities with Revit Importer – Now Available in SketchUp

Revit and SketchUp have long been favoured by architects, engineers, and designers for their respective strengths in building information modelling and intuitive 3D design. Now, with the release of the Revit importer in SketchUp, these two powerful tools converge, opening up new possibilities and streamlining the design workflow.

The Revit Importer sped up my importing and cleans up workflows from a couple of days to a few hours, even with complex models.

Carl Goodiel, VDC Manager

There five tips will help you to make the most of this exciting integration.

Tip 1 – Prepare and Organise Your Revit Model

Before importing your Revit model into SketchUp, take the time to organise and optimise it. Group related elements, apply materials, and clean up unnecessary details in Revit itself. By doing so, you ensure a smoother import process and a cleaner, more manageable model in SketchUp.

Tip 2 – Fine-Tune Import Settings