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Create 3D models anywhere

You don’t have to be in a traditional office setting to tackle work projects or a professional with SketchUp for beginners. Thanks to 3D modelling software purpose-built for iPad and web, SketchUp Go has the tools you need to get the job done no matter where you’re located. Quickly design in 3D with SketchUp for iPad, sync your projects to the cloud with Trimble Connect, and resume where you left off using any device with SketchUp for Web. Working on the go has never been easier!

Impressive presentations

Fly team members through presentations using SketchUp for iPad or SketchUp for Web and capture design feedback in real-time with 3D drawing software – simply toggle on augmented reality mode to bring the design to life. What’s more, clients who want to access projects on their own devices can see 3D models on iOS and Android viewer apps for free.

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Get the input you need with 3D collaboration

Save project time by collaborating in 3D on your job site. Zoom in on construction details, take precise measurements, and mark up on-site issues in 3D via SketchUp app for iPad. All feedback is stored in the cloud, so the team can stay coordinated and keep the project moving forward together.

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SketchUp Go toolkit unpacked

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SketchUp for iPad

Capture your inspiration when it strikes with intuitive, portable 3D drawing tools.
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Add photo texture

Import custom photo textures using your iPad’s camera.
sketchup go for web

SketchUp for Web

Create 3D models in your web browser with the streamlined version of our desktop app.
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Augmented Reality viewing

Experience your designs on-site using Augmented Reality viewing on your tablet or phone.
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Turn doodles into a wide range of 3D shapes and configurable objects. Another tool to create awesome 3D models.
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Web-based collaboration tools

Keep projects on track with a wide range of file sharing and project management tools from Trimble Connect.
Markup mode - Create conceptual illustrations as well as annotate and redline models in 3D

Markup mode

Create conceptual illustrations as well as annotate and redline models in 3D.
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Cross-device file syncing

No matter where you are or what device you’re on, automatic file syncing across web and iPad apps means you can pick up where you left off.

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SketchUp Go Features you’ll love

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Create concepts swiftly

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Incorporate real-world context

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Markup digitally

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Drive the project forward

SketchUp Go is impressively simple and easy to use. As a new 3D modeler, I appreciated the intuitive user interface and straightforward tools. The vast community of users and learning resources are also helpful. I highly recommend SketchUp Go to anyone looking for an accessible 3D modeling software.
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SketchUp Go FAQs

SketchUp Go is a subscription-based version of SketchUp for Web, which includes professional-level features along with access to Trimble Connect for business and email support. It is designed to work best on desktops with a three-button mouse, though it is accessible on mobile devices like tablets.

While SketchUp Go is accessible on iOS and Android devices through a web browser, the experience is optimised for desktop use. It is possible to open and operate SketchUp Go on tablets, but for full functionality and ease of use, a desktop environment is recommended.

SketchUp Go subscribers receive email technical support and also have access to the SketchUp Forum for community support and discussions.

Yes, SketchUp Go operates as a separate web-based application and requires its own subscription, independent of the SketchUp Pro license and Maintenance and Support Plan​​.

Trimble Connect is a collaborative platform integrated with SketchUp Go, providing coordinated construction information across the design, build, and operate lifecycle. It allows stakeholders to share, review, coordinate, and comment on building models from anywhere at any time​​.

Yes, while using SketchUp Go, you can choose to save your files locally on your device, like on an iPad, or in the cloud using Trimble Connect. This flexibility allows for easy file management and backup options​​.

SketchUp Go offers more professional-level features compared to SketchUp Free, including enhanced file management, advanced import and export capabilities, access to the 3D Warehouse, and Trimble Connect for business. This makes it suitable for more serious or professional projects.

Upgrades can be handled by contacting sales